CloseUpBoyClassHoused within RENMEN Foundation’s orphanage is Institution Flaunapiou, which provides schooling for the children of the orphanage through sixth grade.  Afterwards, the children are sent out to privately-run schools.

The people of Haiti have extremely limited access to free education.  As a result, over half of the Haitian population cannot read or write the native language, Creole or the official language, French.

The Foundation covers the costs for each child that includes tuition, uniform, books and school supplies.  This cost is approximately $125/per month for children from Kindergarten through the 6th grade and $200/per month for those attending 7th through 12th grade per child.  Providing an education for the children represents a significant expense for the Foundation.

Children of the Bon Repos neighborhood, where the orphanage and school are located, are welcomed at RENMEN Foundation’s Institution Flaunapiou, and the families are charged a nominal fee to have their children attend.  There are currently six teachers employed at Institution Flaunapiou.